For a monthly charge we will setup and maintain an ice system for your business. Most of our customers prefer this arrangement due to the important need for a dependable supply of ice at a predictable monthly cost.



We can provide a package sale & installation of new ice making equipment. There are companies that will sell you the equipment and then have a third party (sometimes unqualified & uninsured) install it. Most warranty calls we receive on new equipment are due to improper installation. The company who sold it passes the buck and the customer must then pay us to correct the problems. That "cheap price" just went up in smoke. It would have been more cost effective to have us handle everything from the beginning - not to mention less stressful.



Our company is recognized by all of the major manufacturer's as competent and honest. We can provide these services even if you bought the equipment elsewhere. Many warranty repairs can be made at no cost to you. Please see our section on "The Truth About Manufacturer's Warranties" below.



We can have an experienced tech diagnose and repair your equipment. Most repairs can be completed the same day you place your call.



When was the last time your ice machine was thoroughly cleaned inside. You've probably never thought much about it but these machines are breeding grounds for all kinds of microbial growth. You can be proactive or wait until the health inspector writes you up - either way, get it done before someone gets sick. This is not normally a Do-It-Yourself job.

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Whether you need a complete system or just replacement cartridges on your existing system - We can handle it.


The Truth about Manufacturer's Warranties

Please understand that you may have been told anything about warranty coverage by a sales person in order to entice you to make the purchase. We have heard it many times, " the saleman told me EVERYTHING IS COVERED". In most cases, that friendly sales person can do little to help you when there is a problem. The fact is your machine came with a written warranty that spells out specifically what is, and is not covered by the manufacturer.


What is normally covered?

  • A defect in workmanship or part failure.

What is generally NOT covered?

  • Improper installation – Sometimes an installation problem doesn’t show up until months later, such as improperly sized water supply and drain lines. They will work initially but cause the machine to prematurely foul with scale build-up.
    NOTE: If Guys Ice Machine Service installed the machine, we will correct at no charge.
  • Resetting the machine safety’s for unknown reasons.
  • Overtime, after hours, or inaccessibility charges.
  • Some manufacturers do not cover trip or travel charges.
  • Cleaning & Maintenance – you are responsible for cleaning and maintenance. The factory will not cover failures due to things such as dirty condensers, scale and mold build-up.
  • Adjustments – you are responsible for necessary adjustments to keep the machine operational.
  • Correcting water filtration systems.
    NOTE: There are always exceptions to the above. We will make every effort to insure you receive legitimate warranty coverage. Call us if you have questions.


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